curious pugs

February 9, 2006

curious pugs

Originally uploaded by rouseville.

my freaking pugs are so goddamn cute. I know this photo is very old, but when they kick the bucket I'm going to have them stuffed & posed like this, so in a way, it's more of a psychic photo of an event that has yet to happen. Also, I will have Lola shrunk back down to size, using a combination of saran wrap, Egyptian herbs & the microwave.



  1. you are such my favorite person.

  2. Those pugs are cute. Does the fireplace work? Does it get cold enough there to use it?

  3. That fireplace does work, although that’s in the old place we used to live in. The new house has a fireplace too, and while it does get cold enough to use it, we’re talking high 40s & low 50s, not Boston or (God forbid) Chicago cold. And thanks, Christa.

  4. First of all, your post is hysterical.

    Second…the pugs are super cute. I love it when mine cock their heads sideways like that.

    Rob Cluxton

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