My favorite hate site

February 13, 2006

Of all the hate sites around the internet, by far my favorite has to be JewWatch.com.  Partly, I like that I always misread the url and think it says "JenWatch", a possible site for Jennifer Anniston fanatics, or even JewMatch, a J-Date/Match.com competitor.  But more than that, I love the disclaimer that comes right above the hate links: This is NOT a hate site. This is a scholarly research archive of articles  Followed, of course, by article categories on Jewish Criminals, Jewish Pornographers, Jewish Slave Traders, etc.  But they're not a hate site, remember.  In fact, lest you get confused, they can point you to some hate sites, under their section of "Jewish Hate Groups", including the Anti-Defamation League & the ACLU, two groups who would ironically have diametrically opposite views to the existence of a site like JewWatch.  I could waste hours clicking the insane ramblings under Jewish Mind Control Mechanisms or finding out just how the Illuminati fit in under Jewish World Conspiracies, but I've got to bathe my adorable baby daughter


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