I really want this T-shirt

February 22, 2006

This one, right here.  But the fact that I work with a dwarf* kinda puts me out of the running.  I could wear it on weekends, but now that I have a two month old, where the hell am I going on weekends that people can laugh at my witty T-Shirt.  Lousy dwarf, ruining my t-shirt wearing fun.  Technically, dwarves aren't the same as midgets, but I bet some people would be offended nonetheless.  Lousy people, being offended on behalf of my dwarvish co-worker.

*not the cool kind from Lord of the Rings.


  1. Maybe if the shirt said “little people,” because I think that’s what they like to be called. I could be wrong.

  2. Little people just makes me think of all the folks I crushed on my way to the top.

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