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Firefly Squid

April 28, 2006

I had never heard of the firefly squid before seeing this article, and now all I want to do in life is find & swim with them. Well… more, "wrestle" them then actually just swim.  Also I will be naked.

They seem to eminate an electric blue glow from their tentacles that calls to me in ways no human lover ever could. Just wait my lovelies… our time will come. But you can't tell anyone about this… mankind isn't ready for our love.  I only hope they can't sting my junk.  I'm not interested in a repeat of the jellyfish incident (it's bad enough that I'm never allowed back into the Aquarium of the Pacific).


Baby Of The People!

April 22, 2006

Four Months 048

Originally uploaded by rouseville.

Truly, she is a baby of the people. Not one of those elitist snobby "too good for you" kind of babies.



April 16, 2006

This user's collection of great shots from around flickr is a giant time-sucking hole.  It's like a "best-of" for Flickr, and hopefully it'll keep getting updated.


Baby Clothes

April 15, 2006

I just ordered a "Baby of the People" onesie for the little cupcake. I'm big on customizable crap, like I have my own fake business cards for scamming the ladies at the Holiday Inn up the street from me (thanks, iPrint!  I owe that burning sensation when I pee ALL to you), or fakey post-it notes that proclaim my genius, etc.  Most often though, as appealing as it is to own a one of a kind item (like a bumper sticker that proclaims your Man of the People status), it's good to get stuff done by professionals occasionally.  Which brings me to the good folks @  They make punk rock t-shirts for little toddlers, the kind that say things like "I started as an Orgasm" or "I'm proof that Mommy likes to fuck".  Unfortunately, in addition to sex, mommy also likes to threaten daddy with legal action when he jokes about putting hilarious t-shirts on our precious cupcake.  Fortunately, however, several of our friends have children on the way…


The Brewery Art Walk

April 7, 2006

Even though I don’t attend every time, I’m a big fan of the Brewery Art Walk.  Once every six months, over 100 artists in lofts carved out of an abandoned PBR brewery from the early part of the 20th century all turn their live/work studios out to the public, and a walking tour of the galleries runs all day Saturday & Sunday, then closes up shop for another half year.  The art is a good mix of photography, mixed media, paint & sculpture, and the space is just stunning, with huge open areas between the many buildings that comprise the arts colony.  The owner of the space lives in a walled off lot at one end of it all, in an uberloft that overlooks downtown L.A. and the rest of the colony space.  His home, including the indoor/outdoor rooftop swimming pool and spiral staircase to a lookout tower, was featured on HGTV once, in a show about unconvential housing that I used to really love watching, always wondering who lived in these crazy houses (one show featured a guy living on a giant man-made raft north of the coast of Vancouver, drifting south when the weather got too cold, etc), and how did they make it all work.  I suppose, like many things in life, it’s just a matter of what choices you make.  The guy living on the giant man made raft (it was so large he had built a full cabin, with kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc and a guest house) probably wasn’t as constrained with concerns of how to pay for his retirement, or where he would get good Chicken Tikka Masala as I am.


The Shark of Headington

April 5, 2006

When I was a kid, we had to spend every third year in Oxford, England.  It was quite a change from Los Angeles, where the other two years were spent, but in retrospect, I'm really glad I got to do it, and wish I could do the same thing now.  The last full year I spent there was in 1983-84, but I still recognize scenes from Harry Potter & other movies that are shot among the centuries old buildings.  While I grew up in L.A., I became accustomed to seeing films that had been shot in areas I routinely drove by, so when I was in Oxford, seeing them film a very special Family Ties episode where Alex Keaton spends a summer studying in Oxford, or Spielberg's Young Sherlock Holmes being shot across from my dad's office didn't seem that out of place.

In retrospect, I left Oxford right before it became interesting, as the year after I last stayed there, Radiohead formed (with the current lineup) and started playing gigs around town.  But even cooler than that, in 1986 some guy in Headington (the little neighborhood of Oxford that I lived in in 1974) built a giant statue of a great white shark that had plummetted out of the skies and crash landed head first into his roof.  And to this day, I've never seen it in person.  It ranks up there with the Seattle Fremont Troll in terms of cool amateur art things I really want to see the next time I'm in a particular city.


You know how I know you’re gay?

April 4, 2006

Your favorite band is Goblin Cock.  Man, I'm childish sometimes.  Still, I'm even more amused by the uncensored original album art found at their record label