The Shark of Headington

April 5, 2006

When I was a kid, we had to spend every third year in Oxford, England.  It was quite a change from Los Angeles, where the other two years were spent, but in retrospect, I'm really glad I got to do it, and wish I could do the same thing now.  The last full year I spent there was in 1983-84, but I still recognize scenes from Harry Potter & other movies that are shot among the centuries old buildings.  While I grew up in L.A., I became accustomed to seeing films that had been shot in areas I routinely drove by, so when I was in Oxford, seeing them film a very special Family Ties episode where Alex Keaton spends a summer studying in Oxford, or Spielberg's Young Sherlock Holmes being shot across from my dad's office didn't seem that out of place.

In retrospect, I left Oxford right before it became interesting, as the year after I last stayed there, Radiohead formed (with the current lineup) and started playing gigs around town.  But even cooler than that, in 1986 some guy in Headington (the little neighborhood of Oxford that I lived in in 1974) built a giant statue of a great white shark that had plummetted out of the skies and crash landed head first into his roof.  And to this day, I've never seen it in person.  It ranks up there with the Seattle Fremont Troll in terms of cool amateur art things I really want to see the next time I'm in a particular city.

One comment

  1. Now I know where you get your sense of humor from. You picked it up at Oxford I bet.

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