Baby Clothes

April 15, 2006

I just ordered a "Baby of the People" onesie for the little cupcake. I'm big on customizable crap, like I have my own fake business cards for scamming the ladies at the Holiday Inn up the street from me (thanks, iPrint!  I owe that burning sensation when I pee ALL to you), or fakey post-it notes that proclaim my genius, etc.  Most often though, as appealing as it is to own a one of a kind item (like a bumper sticker that proclaims your Man of the People status), it's good to get stuff done by professionals occasionally.  Which brings me to the good folks @ Pottymouthshop.com.  They make punk rock t-shirts for little toddlers, the kind that say things like "I started as an Orgasm" or "I'm proof that Mommy likes to fuck".  Unfortunately, in addition to sex, mommy also likes to threaten daddy with legal action when he jokes about putting hilarious t-shirts on our precious cupcake.  Fortunately, however, several of our friends have children on the way…



  1. Do they have a t-shirt that says “Dad wanted anal sex, but instead got me”?

  2. Actually, yeah, they have both an “all dad wanted was a blowjob” and “all mom wanted was a backrub” versions, seriously.

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