Firefly Squid

April 28, 2006

I had never heard of the firefly squid before seeing this article, and now all I want to do in life is find & swim with them. Well… more, "wrestle" them then actually just swim.  Also I will be naked.

They seem to eminate an electric blue glow from their tentacles that calls to me in ways no human lover ever could. Just wait my lovelies… our time will come. But you can't tell anyone about this… mankind isn't ready for our love.  I only hope they can't sting my junk.  I'm not interested in a repeat of the jellyfish incident (it's bad enough that I'm never allowed back into the Aquarium of the Pacific).

One comment

  1. With virally implanted genetic segments that can augment an individulas genome, perhaps soon you can upgrade to bioluminescence!!!

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