Awesome desktop wallpaper

May 21, 2006

There are so many cool things about flickr I kinda think I'll never get to know all of them, but every time I find a new feature I'm delighted.  Today I stumbled across a group within flickr (not sure I understand the difference between "groups" and "pools" on flickr) dedicated to photos that would make good desktop wallpaper, which is awesome.  Being a massive nerd, I downloaded a bunch and then being an even massiver nerd, I put them in a queue for my automated desktop wallpaper switcher to rotate through.  Being the massivest nerd possible, I looked around for software that would check this group and automatically pull photos down for me, but had no such luck.


One comment

  1. dood. seriously. be more massiver. Get google’s image screensaver. It’s not a desktop but it does automatically pull images from an RSS feed.

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