900 flavors of Awesome

May 28, 2006

I just got back from a work related offsite where tons of work was done, and it took place here, which was 900 flavors of awesome (hence, the title of this post).  There were more pools than I could swim in, more bars than I could drink from, and even my hotel bathroom had more towels than I could use to dry myself off with.  Not that I didn't try, but seriously, 10 towels is like 8 too many.  Once you identify the softest & most luxurious towel, and then set it aside exclusively for genital-drying purposes, you pretty much only need one towel for the rest of your body.  Still, style points for trying, hotel.  On the plus side, one of the towels actually saved me from a potentially embarassing* situation when I forgot to put out the "do not disturb" sign on the door after a night of hard working that left me with a terrible work related hangover, and the door would have swung wide open to reveal my nakedness to the cleaning crew had not one of the wadded up superfluous towels blocked the door long enough for me to mumble "come back later please" through my work-addled haze.

*or potentially erotic


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