Who is Henry Raddick?

May 29, 2006

I've always been in awe of Henry Raddick's insanely funny reviews on Amazon.com, and was disappointed a couple of years ago when it seemed as though he stopped writing them, or turned his attention elsewhere.  It occurred to me today to do a little googling around to see if his real name and/or whereabouts could be determined, but to no avail.  The wikipedia implied that he might have been William Donaldson, a British comedian of the Dudley Moore/Peter Cooke era who was largely known for writing satirical letters to people in power under the pen name "Henry Root" (Raddick's surname is an anglicization of Raddix, the Latin for "Root").  If this is true, it would explain why Raddick no longer performs his uniquely e-commerce specific brand of comedy, as Donaldson died last year at the age of 70.



  1. No, it wasn’t William Donaldson.

    Wasn’t me either, but I do know who it is, and, yes, he found something else to do.

  2. You’re a horrific tease! Who is it, and what is the mad comedic genius up to now?

  3. Hilarious that Raddick is. He is an inspiration to all things absurd, and brings more thoughtful humor to the internet than any fat Joe singing pop songs on YouTube.

  4. Raddick may be in retirement, but Wayne Redhart has been extremely active over the last few months.


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