Wayne White

June 1, 2006

For the past several years, Los Angeles based artist Wayne White has been picking up old landscape paintings, complete with their beat-up frames, and painting giant seemingly abstract words on them as though they were part of the original scenery.  The words have a shiny plastic surface to them, and they cast shadows, reflect & reflect upon the full surface of their surroundings in the original landscape.  Over time, White's art has evolved from simple examples like this or this to much more complex, multi-frame images.  At first, the words began to curve, and then the letters took on unique shapes.  Finally, the sentences grew longer & more unwieldly. Ironically, as his stuff got more popular, and much more expensive (recent pieces go for $15,000 and up), I've liked the actual art less & less. The simple early versions seem most compelling; once the letters distort & warp illegibily, they might as well be abstract art.


One comment

  1. I think that’s his Idea. To make each one different.
    The Distortion doesn’t bother me at All. Its ART point Blank. Only an Untalented Art Critic would be bothered by thingz they can’t control. Excellent work WaYne….

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