Fetishes are kooky

June 6, 2006

Of all the fetishes out there that I don't understand (rubber, suffocation, blood, diaperwearing, plushies, furries, clownfuckers, etc) the most amusing to me is the giant woman fetish.  I assume the fetish is limited to men, who pretend/imagine that they are having sex with giant women, but unlike the other ones I mentioned, there's no way to actualize your fetish.  You can pay a prostitute to dress up as, put up with, act out or do damn near anything if you have enough money, but you can't pay her to grow to 50 feet tall.  So in the end, you're left with people like this guy, who photoshops sexy (NSFW) nudes into cityscapes as though they were bigger than the buildings they are being edited next to.  And then later, I guess, people look at the work and wish/imagine/dream… what, exactly?  I mean, is it just a masturbatory aid while the participant imagines he's crawling up inside the giantesses's cavernous hoo-haa? 

The issue is, there's clearly two major categories of fetish.  The kind where at some point you can put your penis into something, even if you're pretending it's something else (plushies, furries, clownfuckers) and the kind where pretending is pretty much all you get – where you look at a thing and it really turns you on (infantilists, giantess-worshipers, full latex encasing) so you go take care of business while thinking about it.  And while I've never fucked a clown, or a chick dressed like a cat (but apparently I totally would, if she was up for it), I'm more comfortable/familiar with the first category than I am with the second category.  Sexual turn-ons that don't at some point involve having sex are just too post-modern for me.



  1. I have to say that this is the first post I have ever read all the way through on jonson.wordpress.com. Something tells me it is not atypical.

  2. Certain subjects come up on this blog with a frightening regularity. I tried to create categories for each of the major ones, but then I also don’t want to feel limited. After all, the jonsonblog should be a place where I can express my thoughts about anything, even if my thoughts are frequently about being raped by a bear.

  3. A story about a giantess http://www.lonympics.co.uk/women765.htm

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