June 9, 2006

I'm beginning to suspect that not all the people at the Large Penis Support Group website I frequent (LPSG.org) are there for purely medical reasons.  I mean, if it's such a crippling problem having an armadillo in your trousers, why is one of the main forum sections dedicated to enlarging the unit?  What kind of sense does that make?  I doubt there's a section on the Crohn's Disease support forums for enhancing the violence and duration of one's colon spasms.  I think these people should admit the truth, very few of the hundreds of visitors to LPSG are actually looking for help dealing with the trauma associated with being a walking life support system for their trouser snake.  I mean, I am, lord knows that's the only reason I go there, but the rest of those people?  They should have such problems.



  1. Some of the people that go there are just there to gawk and lurk the discussions, while other are very serious members and have been traumatized by the cruelty of group showers, school locker room, or showing an abnormally large erection, at the podium. There are also people who are involved with someone who has a large member and they need advise on how to accommodate their partner’s member.

  2. I agree with you 100%. Some of them are actually there to support, but others are there to fetishize. I am not one of them.

  3. et alors ! vivent les grosse queues ! je soutiens lpsg ! vive la vraie virilité !

  4. I am a member pf lpsg and I have made many e-friends there. I have discussed everything from a guys sexual and intimacy problems with his wife of over 14 years due to her hysterectomy to the guy with the complex about hurtingg women during sex due to his oversized unit. There are people there who are trying to become more free with in threir own bodies for a multitude of reasoms. They have feelings of inferiority due to an abnormally small penis to one guy with childhood issues and is ashamed of his larger penis. There are women there who are flustered from the stresses of not being orgasmic unless they experience sex with the larger penis. No LPSG is not solely dedicated to guys with large penis issues but I will dare to say that lots of folk with some form of sexual dysfunction find help there. I am not only speaking of the sexual degenerates either. The larger women who is not happy with her size and doesn’t feel sexy. I would be deceitful in my statements if I failed to admit that there is alot of cyber going on there. However I have also notices that people tend to cyber with folk they have become comfortable with and have shared, discussed and helped one another with intimacy issues .

  5. Are you hitting on me? I’m married.

  6. of course its a joke, nobody has a penis so big that it hinders thier quality of life!!

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