He should have his bear license revoked

June 12, 2006

A black bear wandered into a suburban New Jersey backyard last week & promptly got chased up a tree by the cat that resided therein.  It makes for a kooky news story, but the AP photo is the best part:

Cat trees bear

The orange dot at the base of the tree is the 17lbs of declawed fury in question.  One can only hope, for the sake of the bear, that the other bears don't read the Associated Press newswire, or there will be a fearful comeuppance. 

Editor's Note: Originally, this post made reference to the bear needing to feel shame for being frightened of an animal that qualifies for the very short list of animals that even my pugs could dispatch, if necessary.  But then upon reflection, I realized that if Oscar the pug had sharp enough claws, he'd probably be up in that tree as well.  Any dog that loves flowers as much as he does can't be counted on to stand his ground against a declawed New Jersey housecat:

He's kind of a pussy, is all I'm saying.

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