Vacations, past & future

June 17, 2006

A couple of years ago, the missus & I drove from Los Angeles to Seattle, pausing along the way to spend a night in various places.  For me, a highlight was the night we spent here.  It's a treehouse hotel out in the middle of nowhere in Oregon (I know, redundant).  There are five or six treehouses, in a forest on the edge of a large farm, and it's run by an outdoorsman wood worker & his family.  We stayed in the two person cabin, which was the tallest treehouse.  You had to take two separate ladder/rope bridges to get to the door of the room, but the view was fantastic.  In the middle of the night, we were awakened to find that a heavy wind had picked up, and was repeatedly banging the suspended bridge against the entrance of the treehouse.  It was not only sporadic enough to keep us awake, it was insistent enough to provoke thoughts of the wind actually blowing the treehouse down.  But eventually, nothing bad happened, we fell back asleep and having nothing but great memories of the place now.

I bring this up by way of saying that I'm looking forward to (hopefully) staying here next January/February.  It's a pretty awesome looking place, although I suspect the wife & mysterious baby Em are going to have to bundle up pretty agressively to make it through the night, as the beds are made of ice (as is everything else there) and the internal temperature is just below freezing, round the clock.  For my own part, I suspect I'll be fine, as I'm impervious to cold, having braved the harsh winters of Oxford during my developmental stages.  Then again, this may turn out to be another one of those things that is funner to write about a couple of years later than it is to actually experience.  Perhaps I read this book at too impressionable an age, but I just prefer staying at unique/offbeat places to more traditional luxury hotels.  I doubt I'll look back when I'm on my deathbed and regret having stayed at too many interesting hotels.  Okay, for the record, I suppose I could choose to stay at this underwater hotel off the coast of Florida, and then drown in the middle of the night when the windows break by accident, and yes, in that instance I WOULD regret staying in kooky lodgings on my deathbed.  haha, irony, you win this round…


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