You owe it to yourself

June 23, 2006

to be watching a show called The Thick of It, Fridays on BBC America.  Winner of two British Emmy's (called BAFTAs) for best comedy (beating out Ricky Gervais' HBO show Extras) and best actor, and drowning in universal acclaim, it's easily the funniest thing on television now that Arrested Development's been killed.  I watched the first six episodes, and it's on a brief hiatus now, but when it starts up again you should check it out.  Like Curb Your Enthusiasm, only plot points are scripted, much is improvised, and the result is the most natural dialogue I've ever seen on a show.  Likewise, the actors all have incredible comic timing.  The highlight of the show is Peter Capaldi (from Local Hero) as the Prime Minister's pitbull of an enforcer, Malcom Tucker.  Streams of profanity have never been so eloquent nor hilarious.  A word of warning: if you had a hard time following the language in the British version of The Office, this is not for you; with the rapid fire conversations, profane slang and thick accents, this is more like the nightclubbing scene in Trainspotting, but for the whole episode.



  1. I have some bad news for you – the lead actor, Chris Langham, is facing charges of creating child pornography . The second series has been postponed. According to an insider: “He is in a difficult position – so there is a question of whether he can be funny”. No shit.

    A shame, as I also loved the show, and Langham’s performances are pure understated brilliance, but unless he is exonerated I’ll have trouble watching it, to be honest. I mean, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but I do have a baby daughter, so these things affect me a lot more than they used to.

  2. Ugh. I have a baby daughter as well, and those acusations are indeed a bummer; I don’t think I could watch anymore either, that’s just creepy.

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