links for 2006-06-27

June 27, 2006


  1. If you liked that guy, you’ll flip for this chick:

    This was in the Paste Magazine Sampler DVD a while back. I love how bored she looks through most of it – sort of the flip side of the coin to the mandolin player from Nickel Creek.

  2. That Nickel Creek guy needs to be kicked in the junk. But the woman from Nickel Creek… let’s just say there’s an alternate reality where she has been kidnapped by me and forced to raise our brood of (50% urbane witty elitist, 50% hillbilly) children deep in the hills of Asheville, North Carolina, where she cooks chicken & dumplings every Wednesday and plays the fiddle out on our multi-acre front lawn every Friday for the entertainment of our barefoot sophisticate/hillbilly children. Oh, I forgot to mention, the only light for these concerts is the gentle glow of the fireflies.

    Umm… not that I’ve put a ton of thought into it or anything.

  3. Really? I had no idea that full-figured ladies rocked your world.

    I’m assuming something happened along the way, possibly that their albums started selling and she could now afford food.

  4. 1) I’d bang those extra pounds off her in three months, tops.
    2) Don’t be speaking ill of my imaginary hillbilly wife, or we will have some imaginary hatfield/mccoy hillbilly blood feud.

  5. We should start a band and call ourselves The Hillbilly Elitists. Maybe Nickel Creek could “open” for us.

    PS – Kaki King? Yeah or nay?

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