God Bless You, Internet

July 12, 2006

http://www.littlepeoplemeet.com/   Like JDate, only for Midgets, and they don’t have to be Jewish.  Tragically, they won’t let you browse the membership profiles without an account… so, despite being married & a new father, my midget lust overcame me & I created a free account.  Yes, they did ask my height, and yes, I totally lied.  I stopped short of uploading a photo, as the best photo I have handy is of my pug, Oscar.  I considered making up a story in my profile about how I had that rare asian pugface disease, but then I remembered – these are midgets, not retards. 

Needless to say, now that JailBabes.com is no longer in service, LittlePeopleMeet is now my second favorite personals site (don’t worry, WomenBehindBars.com you’ll always be #1 with me).  So many hot midgets in one location… fascinating… must… fight… temptation… to upgrade to paid account.  Would hate for the missus (who works in a powerful family law office) to find out I had a little something on the side.


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