Update re: Midget Dating

July 13, 2006

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me earlier, but everywhere on the LittlePeopleMeet.com site, they ALLCAP the word “Little”, so it’s LITTLEPeopleMeet.  This made me think that there might be a “regular”, or “non-little” version of PeopleMeet.com, and lo & behold… Of course, this only gets my curiosity going, so I have to check STUPIDPeopleMeet (for simpletons, and those who enjoy taking romantic advantage of them), STUMPYPeopleMeet (for amputee fetishists) & SMELLYPeopleMeet (for people who smell horrible. Or people that want to fuck people that smell horrible), but no dice on all three.  I wish there was a simple way to see what other building blocks in the PeopleMeet.com empire there are.  Internet, you have let me down!



  1. I wonder how many of the midgets on LittlePeopleMeet are actually midgets, and which ones are just looking to steal a little person for the night? I have always wondered that. Actually, I went to that site once and there were a few hot ladies …. I’m serious!

    Midget Master

  2. I am a big pearson looking for a little one.

  3. i am a big person looking for a little woman. everyone thinks im out of my mind, but i dont see the problem? little people are HUMAN also, i fell in love with a little person and i hate when i get frowned upon when seen with a little person.

  4. if there are any little woman out there that are willing to give me a chance pleas email me, i am such a great guy. xxnemesiskidxx@yahoo.com, please

  5. I was just curious if you had any luck with your search. I am not a little person but I was hoping you’d had luck with love.

  6. Im a man looking for a little person for fun, Im into most things.Im in seaside CA

  7. Wow, Jonson…wow. 🙂

    I just re-read this, and realized how scared I was the first time. Now, more than 18 months later … more scared, especially from the renewed interest.


  8. OK I have been looking everywhere for a site for my brother in-law…he is of average height, but so loves the smaller women…so my husband and I are hell bent on seeing him happy…so if anyone knows of a site where he could meet the women he likes e-mail me please this_cowgirl_up@hotmail.com

  9. i have a wonderful little person friend who is rad to hang out with. She’s a down ass chick, and it’s weird how more regular sized guys want to date her, well, the last guy who wanted to date her was HUGE.
    She’s really cute and petite, and she has an awesome sense of style, and she’s such kind and loving person.
    I joined that site for her trying to find a lp guy for her
    unfortunately the majority are average height dudes trying to get frisky with a little chick
    which is lame
    I just want someone to love her as much as I do, except romantically.

  10. hi how yall doing. i am fine.i live in northwest arkansas i am looking for little woman to date and i am curious about little woman. is there any little woman would like to date me . thanks hope to find one soon bye my email is rockman339@yahoo.com

  11. What the hell was that?

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