I’m totally hilarious

July 14, 2006

This may well be the funniest comment I’ve made in my four year Metafilter posting history; I’m amazed it wasn’t deleted by the admins.



  1. You are an hilarious motherfucker, to be true.

  2. Thanks, cortex! Much obliged, and always glad to have another reader.

  3. jon, stop creating phony usernames and then complimenting yourself with them. We’re not buying it.

    That was funny though, in a very sick way.

  4. dude, what do we care if you hate Red Buttons’ kid?

  5. Hey there librarian, glad you stopped by. As for why I thought you might delete the comment, I dunno, not everyone can see the funny in leaping into an obit thread with a comment like “my dad’s still alive”… I just figured, enough flags, buh-bye funny. It’s happened before…

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