God bless YouTube

July 31, 2006

Of the several thousand reasons to give thanks for YouTube, I count among them these many live Neil Finn/Crowded House/Split Enz videos that people have uploaded.  That Neil Finn, I swear to God, just about the greatest thing that ever happened to music.  You can keep your thom yorkes, your john lennon’s, your Lou Pearlmans, for my money, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

In fact, just about every music video I ever captured on VHS back when I still thought MTV was cool is available on YouTube now, as are a bunch of retro 1970’s commercials.  Unfortunately, no Aames Home Loan to the Rescue spots, which no one on earth but me seems to remember.  Not even YouTube 😦


  1. I remember the Aames Home Loan commercials! I watched a lot of T.V. though. How about A-D-Do Commercials? Larry H. Parker? I haven’t checked out U-tube for those yet.

  2. i remember ALL of these and more.

    Flash forward to 2025, when everyone’s going to be saying REMEMBER THAT GEICO GECKO? Sigh.

  3. My maiden name started with “T” and so in school I was usually near the end at roll call and close to the last kid in line. I wished really hard that my name could be Cheri Aamco, so I would be first all the time. Also, I thought it would be cool to be able to go into the school office after an absence and when they’d ask for my name say, “Cheri Aamco; double A, beep, beep, M-C-O.”

  4. Oops.

  5. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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