Hottest Billionaire Heiresses

August 4, 2006

Forbes Magazine must have been purchased by Maxim or something.  Two things of note, in the slideshow: first, I didn’t realize Elaine from Seinfeld was a Billionaire to be.  Second, a good number of the “hottest billionaire heiresses” are genuinely hot.  I expected it to be more like the Hottest WNBA players layout, where if you squint you can imagine having sex with the “models” provided they duct-taped their penises out of the way, but instead, it’s actually a group of pretty sexy women; with a few exceptions you wouldn’t really feel like you were “earning” the money if you ended up married to one of these women. 

I’ve known men who married for money, and in most cases, it really did seem like they were earning their keep… what’s funny is that, given the nature of money & gender in modern American society (i.e., unattractive men with plenty of it seem to have no problem finding really hot mates), legacy wealth genetically breeds the ugliness out of the bloodline over generations, so that by the time you’re at the “great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst” level, you’re hot enough that you could legitimately be mistaken for a trophy bride. It’s like the reverse of what’s happened with the royals in Europe.  Hah, yet another way America works better – suck it, Europe, we win again!


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