The PeopleMeet Empire knows no boundaries

August 7, 2006

In my earlier research of LittlePeopleMeet (a subsidiary of the dating service PeopleMeet tailored exclusively to midgets, dwarves & people who like to have sex with midgets & dwarves), among the wildcard *PeopleMeets that I failed to try was the entire gamut of ethnicities, choosing instead deformities (HunchbackPeopleMeet.com?) & character flaws (UntrustworthyPeopleMeet.com?).  So, it’s no surprise that BlackPeopleMeet, of course, is just a standard image replacement in the same HTML template as all of the other sites in the PeopleMeet dating empire.  No “BrownPeopleMeet” or “YellowPeopleMeet’ yet, but give it time.  What I don’t suppose has occurred to anyone at PeopleMeet.com is that by creating an exclusive tailored version of their service for midgets & African-Americans (but NOT “midget African Americans” – LittleBlackPeopleMeet.com?), they are essentially using the primary domain as the excluder of the midget/black sub-genres.  But I guess “PeopleMeet.com” sounds better than “WhiteRegularSizePeopleMeet.com.”  I wish there existed a wildcard DNS search engine for all the domains that end in PeopleMeet.  I’m convinced there’s something in there for Amputee fetishists (FractionalPeopleMeet.com?).



  1. The sub-domains for amputee fetishists could be reduced even more. TranstibialPeopleMeet.com, TransradialPeopleMeet.com, etc.

  2. And thank God they don’t – if TranstibialPeopleMeet.com existed, I would sit alone in their index, week after week, quietly waiting for my dates to show up.

  3. What about bipolarPeopleMeet.com or psychoPeopleMeet.com? Don’t forget schizoPeopleMeet.com, there you could go on a date with three people at once…

    Love the article. Keep up the creative work. Check out my blog at http://smileyarts.wordpress.com. I’d like to see what you think about the Snickers “Hungerectomy” Ad…

  4. Check out ASCOT World, a support group and social club for amputees and their admirers.

  5. hiiiiiiiiiiiii

  6. Something for everyone I suppose. Is there an OpinionatedHardworkingBitchPeopleMeet? That’s got to be one of the stranger ones….

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