Oh for the love of God

August 8, 2006

Okay, so apparently there are a TON of PeopleMeet subdomains that I hadn’t run across yet.  Congrats, PeopleMeet, once again your ability to register domains & swap out stock photography has opened your doors to vast new markets. Just so we can put a stop to the PeopleMeet related posts, here’s a bunch of other sub-dating genres I found in the PeopleMeet hierarchy (in addition to the previously discussed midget, black and “regular“):







I make no claims that this is exhaustive, simply that I’m done writing about it as of this post.  What a brilliant business plan these people have.  Build one dating site, and then swap out some graphics & register a new domain around some exclusive group that others wouldn’t want to date.  The best part is to notice where they did and did not make changes.  In most cases, they did the LEAST amount of work possible, so that PeopleMeet has the same photos as CatholicPeopleMeet, but obviously AsianPeopleMeet has its own set of stock photography.  In a weird twist, all the sites feature a cartoon heart in the header, with the exception of CatholicPeopleMeet, which has a group of crucifixes; perhaps this new template could be used for VampireSlayingPeopleMeet at some point in the future.



  1. Great business plan. Lol. had a search on CrossEyePeopleMeet and AnnoyingPeopleMeet nothing came up. Maybe should register domain and sell to them.

  2. The stock photography on Elderly PeopleMeet looks like it came from a Viagra ad.

  3. If you think that’s bad, check out the Passions Network. They have several dozen sites – vegetarians, atheists, libertarians, tattoo lovers, the deaf, smokers, geeks, teachers, the celibate, shy people…on and on! The really bad part though is that all the sites are interconnected so there’s no POINT to having separate sites, really…

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