AOL User 927 is terrifying

August 9, 2006

So, earlier in the week, AOL screwed up and made the search histories of half a million users publicly available.  Among that Sahara Desert of data, a single grain of particularly gritty sand would be anonymous user # 927.  His search terms start off with some straightforward music searches (“Yoko Ono” “Fall Out Boy”) but then demonstrate an obsession with mold that grows on humans, and then start to get better from there.  After an innocuous 20 or so floral searches in a row (“flower daisy”, “gardenia”), we get sucker punched with “forced rape porn.”  Maybe he was looking for the perfect flower to give to a victim he had filmed in order to smooth things over the next day at the office.  But that’s just the beginning.  Things U927 was curious about:

testicle festivals
hentai child rape
hentai pedofilia
dirty gay sex
rough gay sex
bdsm electricity
sex torture
tranny sex
tranny bondage
tranny trouble
farm boys bestility
intersexed genitals
child incest hentai
pee fetish
sexual torture
incest rape hentai
hentai child rape
3d molestation and rape porn

1) All the spelling errors in the list are original

2) I can’t imagine what posting this list will do for my Google queries.  I wish I knew enough HTML to keep this single post out of search engine logs.

In the end, you just have to wonder what this depraved fucker wasn’t turned on by.


  1. I realize I could be treading into very weird territory, but what is hentai?

    • It’s Anime styled sex games. Basically less realistic. And, of course, it comes from Japan.

  2. Perverted Japanese hardcore cartoon porn.

  3. Oh, Jonathan… your human mold talk makes me hot.

  4. Oh. Goody.

  5. Ooops. I left my reply to comment window open while taking care of the twins and didn’t check to see if anyone replied before I could. The “Oh. Goody.” comment was directed at the explaination of hentai.

    Although, it does work rather well in response to Tiffany’s comment.

  6. I’m pretty excited about the search for beauty and the beast disney porn, myself

  7. Yeah, not 100% sure what that’s about. I think maybe he was planning on for when he started the pedophilia; he’d ease into it with a little Beauty & the Beast, and then introduce sex into the equation with the Disny Porn and see how the kid took it.

  8. What a freak. What struck me when looking at the full list is the way they will be searching repeatedly for something dire and then it would seem suddenly type in hairstyles, the gorillaz or gmail. Really wierd.

  9. This dude is really scary – http://alexcastro.typepad.com/castros_blog/2006/08/aol_user_927_it.html

  10. When Disney did animation via cells, they only painted enough to get the job done. So if Belle had a dress on that required layered cells, one artist would paint her exposed skin which would result in just her cleavage and up, another the dress, another the Beast’s head, etc. But…some cells have been circulated where the artists did a little more and painted the characters nude. I hadn’t heard about the B&B, but I’ve seen what’s under the Little Mermaid’s flippers.

  11. Well,you could have used a link to the log file and like this you won’t have to use the words on your blog.
    I’ve read about him via digg.com and that guy is scary as hell.He needs to be mentally treated.

    Some people think that there might have been 2 persons using that computer because there is a huge contrast in the searches.

  12. So obviously, this person hasn’t found rotten dot com yet… *full-body shudder* Very creepy, on looking at the full list, how it goes from innocuous searches for flowers to “rape electricity” and the like, as noted above. If I were the person who was searching for “the monkees” or “low carb calorie foods” I would be seriously wondering who the hell I was sharing a computer (let alone a roof) with.

  13. […] >> Jonson points out that AOL search #927 is a real sick puppy with search terms such as: “testicle festivals”, “hentai child rape”, “hentai pedofilia”, “bdsm electricity”, “tranny trouble”, “farm boys bestility”, “child incest hentai”, “chlamydia”, “incest rape hentai”, “hentai child rape”, “3d molestation and rape porn” […]

  14. Oh you guys and your social norms! I don’t find this weird at all.

  15. chamidia is a genital disease, sooo i guess he was doing “it” and watching that

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