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Questions about sexuality

August 17, 2006

Whenever my sinful sexual urges leave me wracked with worry for my soul, I thank my personal savior that the good folks over at the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry have put up a page to quickly reference before I attempt anything dirty.  Sadly, pretty much everything you ask this F.A.Q. of sexual damnation leads to a predictable answer:

1) Is wife swapping okay?  No.  Wife swapping is not okay.  It is a sin.

2) Is being a transvestite okay?  No.  Being a transvestite is not okay.

3) Are sex change operations okay?  The bible does not address this question, because sex change operations were not around at the time… but no.  Sex change operations are not okay.

While I was pleased to see that oral sex is permissible (thanks to some liberal interpretations of the Word) & that there’s still a chance for an angel to have sex with my wife (but not with me, because apparently all angels are dudes, and homosexuality is not okay), for the most part I was disappointed with this series of questions.  I mean, isn’t this pretty much what everyone would expect from a Sex FAQ on a ministry site?  They might as well have replaced the whole page with one big “No”.  I guess that’s the beauty of the internet, if you don’t find what you’re looking for on one site, another one will come along eventually.