August 31, 2006

So, I wrote a post a few days ago about personalized Ketchup labels, and in the comments section, someone mentioned personalized M&M’s, even going so far as to provide the URL written out, instead of hyperlinking to it.  The appearance of the URL in the text of this blog now causes the blog to show up on some search engines as a result of searching for the URL.  Why would anyone “search” for a URL, you ask?  Well, user experience has shown that a good number of internet users actually type URLs directly into search engines instead of into the address bars of their browsers, believe it or not. So I noticed that this M&M’s url was the #2 query for strangers finding the jonsonblog, right behind the perennial favorite “sex with animals”.  I thought nothing of it, until I saw the following comment appear today, at the bottom of the Ketchup post:

“I found the order for custom printed m & m’s in the coupon section of the providence journal sunday paper. It said nothing about ordering ketchup first or anything about the blog. All I wanted was to surprise my 80 year old aunt who loves m & m’s with this special custom order. What is this a scam or something? If it is, it’s pretty cruel? Please respond. “

Posted by a woman named Norma, who I assume lives in Rhode Island.  I have no response for Norma, other than to tell her that the M&M’s can be ordered here, and that I’m sorry I tried to scam her into buying some of my delicious Ketchup first.  Please forgive me.



  1. The only reason I’ve ever searched for the URL is if I wasn’t sure if I had the correct URL or not. For example, I didn’t want to punch in a URL I assumed to be correct and find myself and some spam or porn site.

  2. Awwww. Poor Norma. And poor Norma’s aunt. Guess what you and the missus are getting for Christmas this year? A personalized Ketchup bottle that says, “Norma’s M&Ms.”

  3. Yeah, okay for you to laugh at Norma, but I have to drive on the same roads as her and her aunt and all the rest of her family (some of whom even have valid Rhode Island driver’s licenses!) as they pull into the high speed lane at 45 mph without signaling or looking.

  4. Actually, it looks like Norma has company. I can’t tell if people are doing this as a joke or not, my jokeometer is broken.

  5. Norma…I also hear Napoleon Dynamite has some delicious bass if you would like some of that too!!

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