Metafilter’s “Best Of” Contest

September 2, 2006

So, August is over, and my private attempt to find one new thing that the Metafilter community would find interesting every day for a full 31 day month has come to an end along with it. I’ll keep up the posting, but I’m no longer compelled by my crazy internal challenge to make sure that I have one post every 24 hours (the maximum the system allows). Even though Matt didn’t announce a “winner” for the month as a whole, I think it’s pretty clear that it was me.

I came in first twice, as three other people did, but I also came in runner up six other times (that last poster is a psuedonym account I use sometimes). Using an internal scoring system I’ve created (which you are all free to borrow), first place = five points, and runner up = two points, giving me a total of 22 points, significantly higher than the second place contestant, who has 16.

I’d take more pride in this (possibly even order myself a customized trophy) if I didn’t feel like the second victory was a bit of a hollow one, since it only came after I emailed Matt & basically begged him to pick me a second time. I’m totally not proud of it, but I like to justify it by thinking of the number of times when I clearly had the best post of the day & it didn’t even get noticed. The missus equates it to when an NBA player gets a “make-up call” by the ref after complaining on a uncalled foul, and she has made it clear that (once again) she is not a fan of my behavior in this situation. Fortunately, after several years together I’ve developed a coping mechanism that allows me to thrive in the face of her scorn, so all is well.



  1. I agree with your winner status on Metafilter. Your posts this month have been very good. Perhaps the trophy could “Jonson = Winner of Internets!”

  2. I’d be content if they would just name one of the tubes after me.

  3. You deserve at the very least a co-runner-up for the Casper post. It was a throw away tribute to The Ghost of Ken Lay until you contributed your nightmarish Crazy link to the comments. A perfect example of added-on value, but I still wish I’d never seen it. *still cringing*

  4. man you people are geeks.

  5. And I’m their KING!

  6. You aren’t my king. And I posted an article about Save the Girls on my blog over a week ago.

  7. Yeah, but I can’t fit “King of all Metafilter with the exception of Kim and anyone else that has previously posted one of my links on their personal blog” on the trophy plaque, so I just shortened it.

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