For those keeping score

September 4, 2006

I’m now up to three strangers trying to order custom M&M’s from my site.  Two of them are here (including the original & the latest one), the third is here. Even though I normally try and fit every blog post into a category, I’m leaving this one in “Uncategorized”, but only because I don’t have a category for “Jesus Christ, are you people serious?”



  1. Just found your site, it’s really amusing…in a good way… Great links, cute pugs, cute baby! Isn’t it strange how some people just can’t wrap their minds around how a search engine works? I wonder why they don’t just call the good people at M&M if they’re so enthusiastic about personalized chocolate candy!

  2. Not as many ketchup orders though?

  3. Nope, not a one. And this IN SPITE OF the deliciousness of aforementioned ketchup.

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