Rogue! Rapscalion!! Charlatan & Defrauder!!!

September 7, 2006

That’s right, David Babcock, I’m talking to you!  Carpenter of the people, maybe.  Woodworker of the people, sure.  But there’s only one MOTP, and he drives a Prius and lives in a modest house in West Los Angeles.  And he’s me (in case that wasn’t clear enough).



  1. So, basically, you’re now the Man of the People Not Named David Babcock. Actually, you gave up on being MOTP when your car was damaged. Shouldn’t you now be Pirate of the People? Possibly The People’s Pirate? Or even Man of the People Who Draw Pirates?

  2. My vote is “Man of the People Who Fall For Customized M&M’s Phishing Sites”

  3. I am starting to wondering; David A)Has a biblical name. Unlike Jonathan. B)follows the same trade as Jesus.

  4. Not Starting to “wondering”. Just wonder.

  5. What occupation is it again you have that is so man of the people?

  6. Hey, following in the Lord’s footsteps doesn’t make anyone a Man of the People. If anything, it’s elitist, the whole “Look at ME, I’m like the son of GOD!!” attitude. Who needs it.

    As for my occupation, I work with orphans, making their dreams come true.

  7. Their dreams come true… … in your Kathie Lee Gifford-esqe sweatshop.

    I told myself I wouldn’t cry.

  8. Silence, orphan! Back to your assembly line, those dreams won’t sew themselves!!!

  9. I’m sorry Master! I was only taking a break to draw you this delightful little pirate!

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