OK, Stop

September 10, 2006

This lego parody of the year’s best music video is okay, but really, why release a parody if you’re going to quit one minute into a three minute song?



  1. While on YouTube checking that out I noticed that OK GO did the treadmill dance live on the VMA’s. It was a tad too polished by then, (their obvious lack of dance training and low-budget filming is where the charm lies) but still very cool that they got to do it.

  2. When I heard they were gonna be on, I tivo’d the VMAs so that I could skip the whole show and just see them. Two years ago that would have made me ahead of the curve, technologically. Now, I’m behind the curve, as the hip way to catch something like that is to skip it altogether and just check YouTube

  3. To be a true hipster like me, what you need to do is know nothing about whatever cool thing is happening, then stumble upon it tangentially via an obscure blog. To ensure true hipsterness, wear a trucker cap while on the computer. And wear a scarf. Pants are optional.

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