links for 2006-09-11

September 11, 2006


  1. Actually, the huggable plush Moses is the same price as the huggable plus Jesus. It’s the TALKING huggable Jesus that’s twice the price, but then if you get Moses to talking he costs more, too.

    Frankly all of them kinda freak me out.

  2. JimminieChristmas Jonson.

    31 quality posts to metafilter in 40 days. Be careful, or you’re going to wear out the internet tubes.

  3. Thanks, YBB, but it’s actually 40 posts in 40 days -although I’m not sure they’re all “quality” – I posted a bunch from a sockpuppet named lilbrudder, until Jessamyn wrote and asked me to stop.

  4. And Anna, you’re correct – I failed to see that Fullprice Huggable Christ can talk, whereas Halfprice Plush Moses is mute. And a mute Moses isn’t even worth half price, if you ask me.

  5. I can get the plush Jesus and make him fight my plush lucipher.

  6. Damn Spelling?! Lucifer

  7. Could you add spell check to your blog?

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