“Let the bears pay the bear tax, I pay the Homer tax”

October 9, 2006

Whenever people harass me about my general lack of outdoor activities and/or my gorgeous alabaster complexion, I always mentally reference this cartoon:


Which is why I was so delighted when a friend sent me the link to this shirt.  Apparently it’s in reference to this scene from the always brilliant Colbert Report, which only makes it more true.  In case you’re curious, I believe Bearphobia is hereditary.

P.S.  If you don’t immediately recognize the source of the Simpsons quote in the title of this post, you need to hunt down & watch that episode, it may be the greatest 30 minutes of TV comedy ever.



  1. I’m terrified of bears! Well and also pretty much everything that isn’t a cat. I once ran from a baby squirrel.

  2. I was out camping once and our campsite was raided by a bear we were lucky noone got attacked but it was an interesting experience and we are planning on going camping again next year although not in the same place.

  3. I am more in fear of the Scorpion in the shoe!

    We don’t have too many bears here in the great state of Texas. (Another reason TX is better than CA.)

    I did see a bear once on a golf course in Colorado. I thought it was a big dog. Bears don’t like fetch.

  4. Next you’ll be telling me that ff you DID have Bears in TX, they’d probably be bigger than our tiny California bears.

  5. Bear Traffic Alert!

  6. BTW, it goes without saying that if we had bears not only would they be bigger, but smarter.

  7. False.

  8. Boy I SO wanted to make a political joke about Texas bears (and I live here) but I made a vow never to discuss politics on the internet. Let’s just say the bears might be bigger but most definitely NOT smarter.

  9. Texas: All Hat, No Grizzly

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