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October 11, 2006

Friends of mine are well aware that I am a fan of Columbus, OH based webcartoonist Natalie Dee’s crude drawings, hilarious stories & awesome photos of her pugs, Charles & Chester.  Scrolling through her Flickr feed for the occasional Pug shot is extremely rewarding, especially when you read the comments she leaves below each photo.  As a bonus, it’s nice to see that she shares my healthy attitude towards the ursine threat.



  1. I was completely baffled by the “Urine Threat”, but then I realized I misread.

    However, everyone should be aware of the Urine Threat also.

  2. Considering the number of pee-related articles here, I’d say there is a very clear and present urine threat.

    By the way, Ursine Threat would be a fantastic name for a band.

  3. Great. Thanks a lot. Now I’m not only addicted to Natalie Dee, but also to Married to the Sea and Toothpaste for Dinner – Those are 2 other comics that Natalie and her rather wacky husband Drew do. I know you know what they are. I’m just sayin’.

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