Border Protection is Serious Business

November 1, 2006

Whether it’s day


or night


Lola & Emerson are the most vigilant guardians of the front living room window that we could hope to have.  If only they could talk, we wouldn’t need a newspaper, as they could just tell us everything they see going on out in the world.

P.S., sorry I’ve not written more stuff here lately, I got a merciless case of food poisoning (along with several others I had lunch with) a few days back, and seemed to have lost all my funny along with the contents of my stomach.  Fortunately, I’ve started eating again so hopefully my sense of humor will be back soon.



  1. You went back to Bay Cities, didn’t you? Too much “Special Sauce?”

  2. “lost all my funny”

    That’s good. I will most likely steal that. I will give you credit in my heart of hearts.

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