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I Might Be Retarded

November 4, 2006

On a recent business trip the sheer amount of work being conducted became so strenuous that my faculties were confounded. While making my way back from the men’s room I rounded what I thought was a corner & instead walked directly into a wall; compounding the illusion was the fact that the wall was covered with a full length (floor to ceiling) mirror, so I more accurately ran into a life size replica of me, fully equipped with startled semi-drunken features.

While most of my body stayed on this side of the mirror, my big toe actually crossed over into the mirror dimension. It wasn’t as cool as it sounds, and the resulting damage to my toe (see visual aid, above) taught me a valuable lesson about interdimensional travel. The highlight of the whole fiasco was that for one brief moment I managed to yelp out a warning to the ruggedly handsome and vaguely familiar looking man in the mirror before our toes collided, only to turn around after the accident and see one of my co-workers down the ACTUAL hallway staring at me like the jackass I was. There’s no dignity salvaging answer to the question “Did you just yell at that mirror?”