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Happy Birthday to ME!!

November 27, 2006

Monday’s the 27th, birthday of notable awesome people such as Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee & yours truly.  And while I can’t play guitar or kick ass better than Hendrix & Lee, I certainly beat them when it comes to being alive, so once again, advantage Jonson.  Thank God for the imdb’s famous births & deaths feature, btw.  For years I thought the most famous person I shared a birthday with was the drummer from Anthrax. 

I just used that feature now, while composing this post, to look up famous shared birthdays for the LBC, who turns one year old next month on the 17th.  Sadly, the most famous people she shares a birthday with seem to be Phoebe’s retarded brother on Friends and the black Ghostbuster.  I think Bruce Lee & Jimi Hendrix are about the coolest one-two punch you could have, other than like “Marlon Brando & James Dean” or “Elvis & Thai Elvis*”, but none of those work, since none of the couples in each pair share the same birthday.  So that settles it, Lee/Hendrix/Jonson for the win.

In related news, I’m 35 years old, which is not bad at all considering how little effort I expended getting here.  Billions of people worldwide struggle every day just to get by, and here I am just aging seemingly automatically. It’s almost as if I couldn’t stop if I tried.  Hell, according to this chart I just Googled, in Zambia the average life expectancy  is only 37.2, and I’m on track to beat that in just over two years.  Think about that, an entire nation & I’m totally going to beat them.  I will send Zambia a consolation note when I turn 37.3, but I’m not sure anyone there will be able to read it, partly because they seem to spend their days carving out a hardscrabble existence and have no time for note reading, but also partly because I believe everyone there speaks in a series of guttural clicks, which I don’t know how to spell phonetically.

*Thai Elvis is, not surprisingly, a Thai Elvis impersonator in Los Angeles.