That’s right. I got a Dragon Bonus.

December 1, 2006

A year or more ago, I was playing a stupid flash game and comparing my score with a friend who kept beating me.  Eventually, when I realized I just couldn’t match his skill, I decided to take a screenshot of my final score, add a ton of points to the total (via photoshop) and write “DRAGON BONUS!” on the screen.  I emailed him the screenshot and told him I’d received the elusive Dragon Bonus, and my score was now out of reach. 

Now, maybe this guy’s gullible, but I like to think he’s just too noble to even consider that malfeasance had taken place, and so he struggled for a bit to obtain a Dragon Bonus of his own.  “How did you get it?  I’ve never even seen that option” etc.  Needless to say, I was delighted & spent the rest of the day emailing him taunts & other images I had manipulated, once he claimed that he no longer believed in the mythical Dragon Bonus. 

Today was cleanup day at our office, and while most of my co-workers took it to literally mean “clean up your workspace”, I actually just defragmented my hard drive & dug through some of the folders on my desktop.  Which is where I found these:


The cumulative effect of all the childishness is striking, to say the least.  Still, at the end of the day, I did get a Dragon Bonus, which is pretty impressive.



  1. Yeah well, that guy probably slept with your mom and wife and has pictures somewhere that he’ll post on his blog one day. If he ever has one.


  3. This is easily the best thing you’ve ever shared with us, in all of time and creation. It is funny on so many levels, I just don’t know what to do.


  5. seriously, you crack my shit up

  6. This reminds me of when, right before I went into teaching elementary school, you showed me a “website” that you created touting my love of young boys. Fortunately it was merely a static page with no connection to the internet, but once I calmed down a bit, it was pretty stinking funny.

    “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die.”
    – Mel Brooks

  7. Ah, yes… I’m a good friend.

  8. As a new friend, I’m a bit scared and yet…intrigued.

  9. Awesome. Effing awesome.


  11. […] a screenshot (it’s the Big Board!) for Jonson, as South America is about to get pounded by the Imperialist Yanqui […]

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