links for 2006-12-07

December 7, 2006


  1. Is that a short-haired Jenna Elfman tucking her baby in from a phone booth?

    It is kind of funny that the most outdated thing in the commercial is Tom Selleck.

  2. What’s hilarious to me is that pretty much every single one of the predictions has come true in 13 years, and none of them have to do with AT&T. By the way, if you didn’t already do so, you HAVE to read the comments at the bottom of that newspaper article; unbelievably funny.

  3. Well, except the video phone booth part. Phone booth? What’s a phone booth? This pigeon that stops by my house on Tuesdays told me he saw the last phone booth in Texas removed over 5 years ago. He took the removal personally as it was the last one and they are the equivalent of park benches. He said, “How would YOU feel if every park bench in Texas were suddenly gone?” I told him I thought he was just lazy.

  4. I thought the best pigeon response was the woman who had finally figured out how to use her email.

  5. Me too – that was absolutely brilliant.

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