links for 2006-12-08

December 8, 2006


  1. “Why does it keep happening to us, our town, our group of people.”

    Well, for starters, you live in a small town. That’s where all the really freaky shit happens. Any place that has a lot of hunting, football, and places an overwhelming importance on God is looking for trouble.

    Oh, yeah, and white people. I don’t know what the statistics are on this, but I’m sure that at least 90% of serial killers are caucasian, middle-aged, balding, loners of whom everyone says, “but he seemed like such a nice guy. He was quiet and kept to himself.”

    Oh, shit. That sounds like me! Guess I need to move to a small town now.

  2. Yeah, but you’ve gotta admit the story’s pretty damn crazy. I mean, serial killer abducts/murders two of the cheerleaders, traffic accident kills the older brother of the football hero, then separate traffic accident kills the football hero, then lunatic stalker breaks into house carrying a shotgun & kills the cheerleader’s dad, chases the family out into the woods etc, etc. All in a town of 1900 people, all in the space of one year. It’s a little stunning, is all.

  3. O.K., it is pretty damn crazy. But the worst thing is that the quality of reporting is better in the “cat in the tree” story. Pretty crappy writing on the cheerleader thing. (IMHO)

  4. “All in a town of 1900 people, all in the space of one year. It’s a little stunning, is all.”

    Yes, you’re absolutely right. But the fact that it’s in a town of 1,900 people makes it less surprising to me. My parents lived in a little town in Nebraska (pop. 200) for a few years – they actually moved TO this town after living in Calif. for over 30 years – and I just keep waiting for that town to end up on the news. Every vehicle in the H.S. parking lot is a pickup truck (which makes sense on a ranch). And everypick up has a gun rack in the window. And every gun rack has a loaded weapon in it. Oh, and nobody ever locks their house or car. Ever*. Recipe for disaster, which I’m sure is not an isolated case. Think of all the small towns throughout the midwest and south just like this. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

    *They do lock up during zucchini season. People have so many extra zucchinis that if you leave your car unlocked, you’ll come back to find a shopping bag full of them on you car seat.

  5. I’m from a town of 4000, and my mom still lives there. They go one step further than leaving everything unlocked by leaving the keys in the car ignition or by leaving the car running while they run inside the grocery store.

    No surprise seeing “muddin'” mentioned in the article; it was inevitable. I’ve always hated that and have turned down way too many offers to go.

    By the way…My town did kind of get in the national spotlight this year for a murder. Matt Winkler, the minister killed by his wife, was my mom’s preacher’s son. I went to church with him when I was younger; I didn’t know him because he was older, but my cousin dated him. His kids are now attending my mom’s church & are living with their grandparents. The story was national news & was on the cover of People Magazine.

  6. YEah, and then they had a cat stuck up in a tree! The HORROR!

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