My baby is a stone-cold GENIUS

February 11, 2007

This morning there was a major stride forward in the field of cupcake communications, the culmination of fourteen months of tireless efforts.  Until recently, most conversations with the LBC could be summed up as follows:

Me: Hey baby, who’s the cutest baby on Earth?

LBC: Nang!

Me: Can you say “Dada?”

LBC: Nang!

Me: Are you hungry?  Do you want me to read you a book?  So how ’bout this Anna Nicole Smith thing?

LBC: Nang!  NangNangNang!

You get the picture.  But this morning, during a busy round of “make faces to keep her amused while the missus changes her diapers,” the LBC said “Daaaaaa.”  I immediately bought her a pony.



  1. My son, just 2 years old is too! He lost a toy under the couch and couldn’t reach it. I was watching him as he pondered for a minute after realizing he could reach it. Then like a light bulb went on, he ran out out of sight and returned quickly with a umbrella in hand, that was taller than he was.

    He quickly slid the handle of the umbrella under the couch and retrieved the toy with the hooked handle.

    I said, “Nang! boy that was impressive!”

  2. Ok, I have one about my 1 year old son. We’ve been trying to teach him sign language (baby sign language that is) … you know things like “hungry” or “sad”. Well, I’m happy to report that his first word came at bathtime last night. His mother handed him his ducky and he clearly said “bird” while doing the correct hand sign (touching index finger and thumb together). So there you go … 3 genius babies. What are the odds? 🙂

  3. that’s cute and all about the baby geniuses (I’ll leave the movie jokes to better comedians), but what most intrigues me here is the part about you helping your wife change the baby’s diaper. Man, I am jealous.

    sigh. I hate my baby’s daddy.

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