Once again, my penis is confused

February 11, 2007

So, this London art gallery is having an exhibit full of photographs of women who are giant, like five stories tall.  The gallery is legit, and the photographs on exhibit are meant to be taken as, if not “fine” art, at the very least, legitimate respectable art that you shouldn’t masturbate on.  But where it’s confusing for me is that the exhibit is totally similar to THIS (safe for work, non-nude) fetish site full of photoshopped giantesses that I originally wrote about here.  Why is one of these things art and the other one fodder for creepy fetishists?



  1. They actually seem quite different. The one you wrote about before has women in overtly sexual, albeit clothed, poses. With the exception of someone in a bathing suit, the ‘art’ pictures are trying to make a statement about gender. Granted, I haven’t figured out exactly what that statement is yet, but as with all fine art, I’m sure it’s quite deeply insightfull. Also, the fetish site is photoshopped whereas the art pics seem to be regular photos taken amongst model homes, cars, boats, etc. Maybe model train, car, house, etc. fetishists will show up en mass to the gallery and do that… that… thing that they do.

  2. Yes, yes yes. But more importantly, which one did you masturbate to?

  3. https://jonson.wordpress.com/2006/12/14/my-cup-runneth-over/

  4. you sir, if you’re truly honest with yourself, sound like you might also be intrigued by a little bit of this:

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