links for 2007-03-03

March 3, 2007


  1. I totally thought that I’d nail this in under 5 minutes. I was partially correct – I got down to 7 left with over 5 minutes to go. I still managed to get 5 more in the remaining time, but 2 piddly little states* ruined my shot at geographic bragging rights.

    *I’m not telling yet. I don’t want to give anyone any hints in case they read the comments before playing.

  2. If someone reads the comments first, they’re cheating, so…

    I missed Connecticut (next door neighbor, for Chissakes), Rhode Island and Nebraska. Doh!

    Instead of chastising myself, I’m voting for throwing them out of the Union.

  3. There are 50 states?!? And New England isn’t one? Seriously, if you don’t have a pro sports team you can’t be a state!

  4. Maryland and Delaware. Damn.

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