links for 2007-03-06

March 6, 2007


  1. Nerd alert: The “disclaimer” for the MySpace Ripper is 99% ineffective to protect against claims of copyright infringement or the enabling of copyright infringement. Software created to give users the capability to “rip” content, regardless of whether the creator disclaims illegal use of the software, will suffer the same fate as Morpheus, etc. Where the dominant, albeit discouraged, purpose of software is to permit the unlicensed transfer of copyrighted material, the software maker can be liable. Nerd alert, out.

  2. I actually had difficulty getting it to work correctly regardless, so the disclaimer may be a moot point.

  3. A question to ask one’s self: what will it feel like if, this time tomorrow, I have been defeated by a foreign force within the confines of my castle?

    Just a question. That’s all. Just wonderin’.


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