Best of Los Angeles – Food

April 11, 2007

I’ve been playing around for a bit with Google’s new custom maps feature and I created this Map of the various “best of” categories when it comes to Los Angeles eats.  I have (so far) just a handful of my favorites in here, and I’m not sure if it’s of any value to anyone, but hopefully someday someone googling around for new places to try in L.A. will find it or something.  I’ll be adding to the map as time goes by and as new restaurants occur to me.

UPDATE: I realize a good percentage of the vast jonsonblog audience doesn’t live in Los Angeles, so to spice up the map I drew a picture of the legendary Santa Monica Bay Kraken menacing the shoreline.  So now there’s something for everyone.



  1. What?! No Buggy Whip? No Roscoes?

  2. The lack of Roscoe’s is egregious and will be fixed. But the Buggy Whip, honestly, isn’t the BEST of L.A., unless you’re limiting the category to restaurants with drunken serving staff.

  3. Obviously a lot of love went into this list… but no love for Bay Cities?

  4. Bay Cities – What’s that place that serves the Prime Rib?

    What about that place in Cali. where people throw up Kobe beef?

    Best Mojito! W LA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can’t believe you have a kraken that announces “torso” and there’s not a boob in sight. Feh!

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