My Favorite Comic

April 21, 2007

It’s childish, but pretty much every time I look at this single panel cartoon I laugh.  Something about the look on the masturbator’s face, or the accessories (the propellor cap & wheelie duck)… maybe the casual attitude in the caption… I dunno.  Who can say for sure?  My mom once mentioned that Charles Addams would routinely draw a never-published picture of a man at a deli counter being handed a baby and asked if he wanted to eat it here, or take it to go.  Addams would chuckle to himself, and people close to him would fear for his sanity.


  1. I fail to find the funny.

  2. That has been your fav for a long time. I recall receiving that from you before. By receive I mean the cartoon, not the actual act. Which BTW, I bet we could fund a re-enactment. I am in for $20. I bet there is a neighbor you’re not very fond of.

  3. does the artist have a relative in high places?

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