The only thing we have to fear is death by gunfire

April 24, 2007

This graphical breakdown from the NYTimes of the demographics behind the 81 (!!) daily gunshot related fatalities in America in 2004 (the most recent year for which stats are available) is fascinating; being a white male nearing 40, the most frightening stat may be the huge uptick in sucides in the white male 40 and older group.  Of all the people I thought might try and shoot me, I never thought to guard against the enemy within.


  1. They should have broke down the 40+ man into more detail. Like those that can’t get it up anymore as opposed to those that can. Cause once that goes, eating a bullet may be all that is left.

  2. And over 30 percent of the women killed met that fate at the hands of their husbands/partners.

    I’m just saying . . .

  3. Cuz they weren’t listening!

  4. Ah, Texas.

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