My prayers have been answered

April 25, 2007

Grilled-Cheese-only restaurant to open down the street from my office.  Thank goodness I didn’t waste my prayers on stupid issues like “peace in Darfur” or “universal access to clean water”.  Suck it Bono, you have to waste your time with Tony Blair while I’m enjoying items from this delicious menu!


  1. dude they’ve got your fave! Banana Nut!

  2. you can try to ruin this for me… but you will not succeed.

  3. The Market Melt is a no brainer. Fontina, Goats Cheese AND ciabatta? What took them so long?

  4. I just pray they don’t use microwaves to melt the sandwiches.

  5. Californians are such suckers! I will Fed Ex you a grilled cheese that I made with love for cheaper than they are charging you for a Grilled cheese.

    ANd yes “with love” is the special ingredient.

  6. Fool me once, jk… shame on you. Fool me… won’t get fooled again!

  7. Several things on this topic:

    -That isn’t replacing that one really cool, coffee shop-ish restraunt over on Culver? (I’m having a brain-freeze on the name right now. It’s someone’s name.)
    -the microwave story: I find it amusing that the first thing she thinks to do is take a picture instead of clean up her mess. “Ooo. I’ve totally got to blog about this!”
    -I have to agree on your assessment of Meltdown. When shall the Twinsley’s and I meet you at this place? They miss their ‘manny.’

  8. You’re thinking of Ronnie’s, and no, it’s still there – this is about two miles further East on Culver, over in downtown Culver City. But still “down the street from my office,” technically.

    Apparently it opens next week – once I’m sure it’s open, name the day – or, better yet, just show up there at lunch time on any random weekday, ’cause I plan on eating lunch there pretty much every day.

  9. I’m there. Drop off the kid at school. Two-hour drive up. Eat grilled cheese. Two-hour drive back. Pick up the kid from school. Yep, no problem, I’m there.

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