Robbing Arianna Huffington

May 2, 2007

Poor Arianna Huffington. First her husband catches gay, and then years later she has to sit next to me on a flight back from SFO to LAX. I was worried people wouldn’t believe me. I’m not sure why I was worried about that – I mean, it’s not like Huffington can teleport, she does, after all, have to fly like everyone else. But nonethless, I required tangible evidence of her presence. So I waited until she went to the restroom and stole her boarding pass. This was, of course, AFTER the plane took off, so it’s not like she needed the pass anymore. And besides, it’ s not like I married her for several years & then turned out to be gay.

Amusingly enough, on this same flight was Justin, from Justin.tv, who filmed me for a while as I was speaking to him about his whole “broadcast your life on the internet” business plan.  Justin has a webcam mounted to the front of his baseball cap, and everything his eyes see gets broadcast to the world via a Sony VAIO laptop in his backpack with a broadband internet/cellphone card.  He has to be near electrical outlets every five hours or so, or else he has to swap out batteries, but otherwise it’s a totally mobile operation.  He was coming to L.A. to speak at the same conference Huffington was speaking at, the OnHollywood Conference.  Apparently, while I was talking to him, getting really into our conversation about his project, and other web projects like reddit & digg, another guy waiting to get on the plane pulled out a laptop via Wi-Fi & loaded the Justin.tv homepage, which (my co-workers told me later) was filled with people chatting in real time about me, basically saying stuff like “Jesus, when is this fucker going to shut up already?  MAN does he love to hear himself talk,” etc.  So that was awesome.

On the way back to the office from LAX, I mentioned to my boss how my whole knowledge of Silicon Valley tech startups & web companies in general was a little redundant, since I didn’t work in that industry, and perhaps my tone of voice was a little too wistful, because he quickly responded “what, are you jealous of Justin.tv?  He’s broke and has a camera strapped to his head.”  Which helped to put things in perspective.



  1. Here’s some further perspective:

    Justin might be getting evicted. It’s rough being an internet rockstar.

  2. I’m still not buying it. You’re too good with the photoshoppy-type stuff – you probably just altered your boarding pass. You should have stolen her luggage.

    Did you two talk at all? What did you say to her? “You know, if you’d won that election and become governor, you’d be on your own private plane right now. Hey, I need to prove that I saw you since all the people who read my blog won’t believe me – can I borrow your underwear for just 10 minutes?”

  3. Man, if I wasn’t super busy there’d be a Dragon Bonus version of that ticket posted on Flickr right now. As for what we discussed, not too much. She was crazy busy, albeit polite. I was deeply ashamed, more ashamed than I’ve been in recent times, to have been holding my copy of World War Z, the official history of the great zombie war, when she asked what I was reading. I just felt myself looking stupider & stupider as I explained how it was set in the future and was a series of interviews about the wars with key survivors. I could almost hear her inner monologue… “ah, I misjudged you. I thought you weren’t an idiot, but it turns out you are.”

  4. My friend told me that he and his wife went to look at a house this weekend and the Justin.tv guy was there at the showing. He must not be that broke.

  5. yeah, well… he still had a camera strapped to his head.

  6. et voila.

  7. Could be your greatest post ever. And a couple of excellent comments too.

  8. I’m not saying that ticket wouldn’t fetch a pretty penny on ebay – because it would. BUT, that dragon bonus ticket would be gold.

  9. So that’s where it went you strange, strange little man. I need that back immediately for tax write-off purposes. My lawyer will be contacting you first thing Monday morning.

    Oh, and by the way, I picked up a copy of World War Z and it totally ROCKS!!! But one good recommendation for a cheesy sci-fi novel doesn’t mean I’m not still considering my legal options against you.

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