Los Angeles Reinvents Itself Constantly

May 16, 2007

This flickr set is awesome, albeit possibly only to residents (former & current) of Los Angeles.  Apparently, for that shitty 1990’s movie Volcano*, in which the La Brea Tar Pits erupt into a massive volcano that flows down Wilshire to the coast, pulling permits to film on the most famous section of the pre-eminent street in Los Angeles would have been cost-prohibitive, even for a big stupid expensive film.  So they did the next best thing.  They recreated the entire strip down in Torrance, from Wilshire & Fairfax (the old May Co, Peterson Automotive Museum) all the way up to the Tar Pits, crazy dying mammoth statues included.  Ridiculous.  It’s like finding a 1:1 scale recreation of Times Square over in Yonkers ’cause it’s cheaper to film there.

*Bonus note for obsessive collectors of Jonson oriented trivia – it was the trailer for this shitty movie, in combination with the shitty maudlin Counting Crows song “A Long December” that convinced me to move back from Arlington, VA to Los Angeles, where I eventually met & impregnated my wife, the missus.  So, thank you, makers of crappy Volcano based Los Angeles disaster movies.  Without you, there would be no Little Baby Cupcake.


  1. And Johnie’s Coffee Shop. And an Angelyne billboard. Sweet.

  2. Let me get this straight, you gave up the hills, trees, cute neighborhoods, metro system, reasonably clean air (compared to PHX/LA), eclectic personalities, great little dives, and 4 seasons in Arlington to move to… LA?

  3. … to move BACK to L.A.

    Growing up here, the place kinda gets under your skin.

  4. um, not to mention the missus and LBC! I’d like to believe it was fate and not Tommy Lee Jones and the volcano.

  5. Funnily enough, it was watching the filming of the movie’s climax a block from my apartment–after just moving to LA–that convinced me the movie was going to be shitty.

  6. See i thought Pierce Brosnan was in the Movie Volcano? Which one was he in?

  7. jk: Dante’s Peak

  8. Interesting that in the movie the lay of the land is changed (unless lava will flow uphill) because the land rises slightly to the west/south west before lowering into Ballona Channel, it’s cinematic license I guess but it still made the movie shitty.

  9. Heh. As though Volcano WOULDN’T have been a shitty movie if they got their geography correct!

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